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3D Printer Kits for kids

3D Printer Kits for kids

3D Printer Kits for kids

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We are always looking for everything that 

delights you and your children, so we offer you 

this wonderful product, a 3D printer

3D Printer Kits for kids

FULCRUM MINIBOT 1.0 Mini Educational Full 

Assembled FDM 3D Printer 2.8 inch Touch 

Screen ±0.1mm High Precision 1.75mm for 

Children Education - White US Plug (2-pin)

Price: $139.99 RRP: $170.38 18% OFF
Over $139.99, get $10.00 OFF.

To get the product 

Children's Best Enlightenment Education Partner

The future world belongs to children, how to protect kids' imagination? MINIBOT 1.0 would be a 

good choice, the small size does not take up too much space, the printing process has low noise and 

easy operation. It is very suitable for cultivating children's three-dimensional cognitive ability, so 


they can feel the objective existence of the world, continuously improve their creativity, practical 

work ability, problem solving ability, etc. It is undoubtedly the market the best mini 3D printer for 

children and students.

●Small Size

Exquisite appearance design, mini and portable, 210 x 210 x 220 mm, you can carry it or place it anywhere to start creation.

●2.8 inch Color Touchscreen

Humanized 45-degree viewing angle operation, and the interaction is simple and friendly. Touch the 

screen to experience the interaction from your fingers. 7 language operation interface: Chinese, 

English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.

●Intelligent Education

Allow children to use their fancy idea to make unique toys, thereby stimulating children's imagination 

and creativity, and enhancing their ability to deal with various problems such as three-dimensional

●Removable Magnetic Platform

Disassemble the magnetic platform to facilitate the pick-and-place model at any time to achieve 

humanized care.

●Ultra-transparent Window for Secure Printing

The transparent window prevents children from touching the hot nozzle during printing and ensures 

clear observation. This upgraded security measure make this 3D printer particularly suitable for 


●Resume Printing Function

MINIBOT 1.0 can resume printing from the last recorded position after suffering unexpected power 

outages or any other unexpected stoppage.

●Low Noise

Brings you the quiet printing experience, can used in office, residential areas, and other 


requiring quiet standards.

●Simple Operation

No installation required, can be used out of the box to avoid inaccurate assembly during assembly 

and affect accuracy.

● Support WiFi connect (WiFi module needs to be purchased separately).

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